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Posted in Uncategorized on 7 September 2008 by ms. v

I’m getting my haircut on Thursday afternoon, and Stacy asks about life, how the new job is, what’s been going on.

I tell her about the flow chart in my head, the one that begins in a year or two with the blog going well or the blog not going well, and then branches off in a half-dozen directions from each tine of that fork.

Going well: keep at it. Going well: leap to the next opportunity. (That one’s fuzzy).

Not going well: back to teaching. Not going well: grad school. Grad school: administration, become a principal. Or grad school: cognitive science, bridge research and practice.

The brain is endlessly fascinating. It’s right in the middle of everything that interests me, learning, evolution, biology, teaching practice, policy.

Then again, becoming a midwife has also seemed like a good idea for a day or two after I watched The Business of Being Born, so it’s good to sit with the crazy new ideas for a bit.

That’s just a thumbnail; the chart in my head includes places, New York, Maine, California, includes moving overseas, includes falling in love and the overturning of all best-laid plans. I’m pulling for that one, but you have to give it up to the universe, I’ve learned.

“I need a life coach,” I joke.

“One of my clients is a life coach,” Stacy says. “What do they do, anyway?”

I tell her what I think life coaches do, uninformed by any kind of actual knowledge. I think it’s like having someone help you pack when you’re moving; they don’t have to re-read all the old love letters, they’re not attached to the knick-knacks and throw them out without sentimentality, they don’t try on old clothes.

Dispassion, in considering options.

I leave with much shorter hair, it’s above the shoulders now, a way to go back to a simpler haircut, because I’m not good at managing layers.

No one really notices, though.