Jury duty tomorrow. I have such mixed feelings. There is never a good time to take a forced one-to-three day break from your life, with no access to communications technology and a lot of time to fill in a dull location surrounded by at least mildly irritated people on similar “holiday.” Yet, our court system depends on ordinary people doing their share. I sort of want to get placed on a trial, to see the process from the inside. Then again, the vast majority of trials are unlikely to be all that interesting – real life is not television. The last time I had jury duty, I was released midway through the afternoon of a winter day in 2001, after someone called in a threat to the building – to a nearby building? – and we all were evacuated and handed dismissal cards. Since I was missing days of teaching, I was relieved to spend only that one day away from my classroom. Then, earlier this year, I got two jury notices, totally spaced out about one of them, and missed my date. I panicked at first but have decided that they will likely just call me again, and I’ll go. They can fine you for skipping out, but it was an honest mistake and not one I will make again. I suspect probably they fine the people who skip repeatedly – but if I’m wrong and the state comes for me, well, then I’ll deal with it.


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  1. FYI– when I did jury duty in Brooklyn last year it was fabulous. They had free wireless, big comfy chairs, and we were allowed to sign out if we needed to go out and get coffee! I got so much work done…

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