You know what I want?

A web visualizer that would combine the best parts of del.icio.us with the best parts of the Visual Thesaurus.  I want to bookmark and tag things I find on the internet and be able to see them form and re-form clusters based on the tags that I give them.  I want to see the three dimensional patterns present within my interests, and the relationships between things I’m thinking about.  I mean, that’s what we really mean by web, isn’t it?  Or it was, once upon a time? I would also like the tool to have a social element, so I could belong to groups or have friends, and see how our collective thinking created connections between ideas (and, obviously, I’d like to be able to see how all users affected the web).  And it should be edit-able, so that for my own web, I’d be able to move things closer together or farther apart, or create new connections between them.  And I want the movement and spatial arrangement parts of the Visual Thesaurus, which is still one of my favorite brainstorming tools on the web.

Does this exist?  Want to make it for me?  Want to teach me how to make it? (That seems hard, actually, but potentially fun).


One Response to “XLVIII.”

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