One of my students called me last weekend. I was sitting on my couch, fiddling around with something on my computer, when my phone rang with an unfamiliar number on the screen. I answered, but no one was there. Two minutes later, the phone rang again, same number showing up. “Hello?”

“Hi, Ms. V., it’s N.”

The kids don’t call me too often in the middle of summer.

“Hi, N., how’s your summer going? What have you been doing this summer?”

“I just called to say good luck, since you’re not coming back, and goodbye.”

I was suddenly absolutely certain I should ditch all this change and go back.

“Oh, thank you, honey… but I’m not going to never see you again, I’ll come to school sometimes… but thank you for calling to tell me that.”

I wonder if I will go back. The climate isn’t all that welcoming. But I miss my kids right now and when I think about not going back, I miss them with all the weight of the future.

We chat a little longer, and she tells me she’s on the way to North Carolina, just to visit, not to live. I think she’s probably in the car, a little bored, and doesn’t know exactly what she wants to say to me. I thank her again and say goodbye, have a great vacation. When I hang up, I wish I’d asked her how her family is or told her to tell them hello for me.

I should say “former” when I say that my student called me. When I talk about my school, I should stop saying “my.” “They” will have to replace “we.”


One Response to “XLVI.”

  1. Sheerah Says:

    makes me sad to read that last paragraph.

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