Morning television, which I’ve never watched before, is now a part of my routine when I’m at the gym.  Sometimes I listen to music on my iPod, but when the battery’s dead or I leave it at home or I just want a change, I flip to the first thing that looks tolerable and like it won’t go to commercial for at least a couple of laps around the virtual track, and I tend to stick with that for the next thirty minutes or so.  Today it was the M&J show, a morning show on Fox.  I’ve heard about Fox, but thanks to my tv-less ways (this is the week of -less, but not purposely), I actually have little personal experience with the network.  Anyway, M&J seemed promising this morning – they were doing a piece on domestic violence in the military and how a half-dozen women have been murdered by their husbands or partners in the last couple of months.  I was interested.  This felt important, and like I might learn something.  They spoke to the sister of a woman who had been missing all weekend but was recently found, alive but injured, after having been stabbed and kidnapped by her husband.  M or J – not sure which is which – tried to get the sister to relate the attack on her sister to military policies that make it harder for women to leave abusive partners, but the sister didn’t go there for them.  The piece felt disorganized and tantalizingly close to – but never actually revealing – uncomfortable truths that might make us demand change.  They mentioned something called the “abandonment clause” making it harder for women to leave abusive husbands, but never fully explained what it is.  (I googled around a bit but didn’t turn up anything).

This was followed by a much longer “investigative” piece on home gym equipment.  Experts were brought in, equipment tested, pros and cons discussed (although J – or M? – kept cutting off the doctor as he tried to explain the health risks of some of the equipment), statements from the companies read and displayed on the screen.  Investigation, indeed.


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