I am thinking of going microwave-less. I am already AC-less, and while my commitment to that has been sorely tested this week as I’ve felt something bite my leg and reached down to swat it only to discover it was sweat trickling against my skin, the thing about being too hot is that you do, eventually, begin to acclimate. Given that at all but the hottest times I’ve been working outside on the terrace at my new office, and that the rest of the time I’ve either been outside or trying to sleep or work at home, I figure I must, incrementally, be getting used to it. Perhaps already I feel more comfortable when I’m out in it than the people who have been blowing cold air across themselves all night long. I had an AC in my old apartment, but it was so big and heavy, and the filters were all clogged, that it seemed pointless to drag it all the way down here so it could wheeze through a few more summer days and then be replaced. AC is expensive. It’s a huge electricity suck. I think I can make it without.

Microwaves are also big and heavy. I thought about leaving mine behind when I moved, but the decision was impulsive and I wasn’t sure I was committed. Since the microwave I have works perfectly well, the potential waste of throwing it out and then regretting it and buying a new one seemed worse. So here it is, resting on a countertop in the corner of the kitchen, waiting for the great roommate-transition to occur, when it will replace my roommate’s microwave in a different, more-functional corner of the kitchen. I have used the microwave a handful of times since I moved in here on June 1st, for heating up leftovers and softening cold butter. Nothing that couldn’t be accomplished on the stovetop or by planning ahead. Space is my main concern – why devote so much of it to something I use so infrequently and could scarcely be said to need?

Of course, living with roommates you can end up with cable tv and the AC roaring at all hours if you don’t share the same values. Not everyone, not even most pretty awesome people, are questioning the things we consider basic.  Or at least, not these things.  So it’s slightly out of my hands as I look for the new person.


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