I’m sitting on my couch drinking coffee. People may come by later to see my apartment, so I’m stuck here for the afternoon. The cat has been savaging a toy fish stuffed with catnip; now she is sprawled out on the floor, possibly in the exact coolest spot in the room. I think she has a sprawling algorithm in her brain. I guess you could test this with thermometers. What I’d really like is a laser that I could scan across the floor and it would map the temperatures in the whole room: then I could prove that she homes in on the coolest spot. Or not. Sometimes I think she just lists a little too far to one side and keels right over, as good a place as any, she thinks.

Because I have the whole day, I went on a little internet walk. Kloe told me to read this, which I did:

We adjust ourselves to the society around us and do our best to conceal our differences from the herd. (At least most of us, for most of the time). Not so with cats. So, I have complete introverts and extroverts, highly intelligent investigators and somewhat dull philosophers, agressors and defenders. Those that compromise and others that would sooner die than give an inch. Thieves and gentlemen. Floosies and prudes… Like I have this one cranky old woman who will position herself out on the front stoop crying in this god awful, plaintive voice to all the passers by. Those that aren’t in the know will say things like “Oh, this poor animal, I always see her here. Why is no one taking care of her?”. So, how embarrassing is that? Little do they know that she has just come out of a house where bowls are filled to overflowing with the best cat food that money could possibly buy? And that she has thoroughly stuffed her face before she stepped out there? Now why does she do that? Why this act of desolate, impoverished, unloved cat, desperately in need of attention towards the outside world?

This is a Second Life blog, though the cats are real, but I am more interested in people in real life. She’s an artist and a researcher and designer. This is beautiful: the quotations, especially at the beginning, and the drawings. The sound is too much, though.

Words were originally magic, and the word retains much of its magical power even to-day. With words one man can make another blessed, or drive him to despair; by words the teacher transfers his knowledge to the pupil; by words the speaker sweeps his audience with him and determines its judgments and decisions. Words call forth effects and are the universal means of influencing human beings. Therefore let us not underestimate the use of words… – Sigmund Freud

Now the cat is curled up next to me, worn out, the tip of her tail touching her nose.


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