As you can probably tell from this blog, I’m attracted to going backwards with blogging: pre-titles, pre-tags, maybe even pre-links. The opposite of the internet.  Played around at the start (before moving over here) with writing stuff by hand and scanning it. I like that idea but need to learn how to link from within the visual image. At this rate, by the end of summer, I’ll be writing in a notebook and keeping it between my mattress and my box-spring.

The other side of me isn’t satisfied with this dark and gimmicky space I’ve created here. It’s summer, I have a new job, I’m meeting new people, I’m not normally a black-with-orange-accents kinda girl and I’m not feeling that way right now. Sometimes I do, though, and I believe in commitment to an aesthetic, so where would that leave photos? Video? Less oblique posts? Should I make some kind of uber-site of which this is just one piece?

Maybe I could compromise by keeping my laptop and camera hidden between my mattress & box-spring.


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