Avid interest developing in Charles Fletcher Lummis, particularly in his four and a half month walking trip from Cinncinnati to Los Angeles as a young reporter. Research: find & read the dispatches he sent to the LA Times (what was he writing about? why did he choose to walk? what did he learn in this journey? a lot is answered here – perhaps I’m too late to add much to this story) and the books he wrote; read his biography and anything else I can find on the man; read or re-read other tales of American journeys (Kerouac and Sarah Vowell come to mind). Watch Forrest Gump (again)? Ha ha. If he (Lummis, not Gump) were making this journey today, would he keep a blog? What would he learn from a similar trip today? What might I learn? Is it safe to walk across the US solo? Who would be interested in such a tale?


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